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Ari Vena (Director, Editor)

Ari Vena is a filmmaker and a corporate ethnographer. She is a cofounder of OVO, a not-for-profit New York City arts collective. Ari attended her senior prom at Crossroads High School in Santa Monica. Despite the LA glam, it didn't hold a candle to Racine's spectacular prom. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Chris Talbott (Director, Producer)

Chris Talbott is a filmmaker, writer and media advisor to Heifer International, a nonprofit world hunger organization. He is a cofounder of OVO, a not-for-profit New York City arts collective. Chris's three plays to date were developed and produced with Soho Rep, HERE, and Theater for the New City. His first feature film, "The Fourth," was awarded Best First Feature at the Long Island Film Festival. Chris assisted writer/director Tim Robbins in the production of "Dead Man Walking" and "Cradle Will Rock." He grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, and attended Racine's fabulous prom celebration in 1989 with his beautiful date Mazy Kennedy and laughable hair.

Ian Rosenberg (Producer)

Ian Rosenberg is a director/producer of theater and film, and a media attorney at ABC. He is a cofounder of OVO, a not-for-profit New York City arts collective. Ian was also the Associate Producer of the award-winning yoga documentary "Ashtanga, NY" directed by Caroline Laskow and Mary Wigmore, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2003. Ian went to the World's Best Prom in 1991, wearing a white tux jacket, black tux pants and a black & white polka-dotted cummerbund. He lives on New York City's Lower East Side.

Additional Credits

Directed by

Ari Vena
Chris Talbott

Produced by

Ian Rosenberg
Chris Talbott

Edited by

Ari Vena


Ruben Carbajal
Hillevi Loven
Karen Sorensen
Ari Vena
Mary Wigmore
Richard Matson
Albert Lai

Executive Producer

Debra Meltzer

Principal Photography

Hillevi Loven

Shot & Interviewed by

Hillevi Loven & Chris Talbott

Mary Wigmore & Ian Rosenberg

Ari Vena & Ruben Carbajal

Musical Score Composed by

Jon Margulies

Original Music Composed by

Matthew Fanuelle
Saturday Music Group
Genji Siraisi

Songs in order of appearance

“Here is a Life”
by Matthew Fanuelle

“Johnston’s Revenge”
Written by Paul Tadder and Joey Talbott
Performed by Wheeliebar Scott Nelson, Paul Tadder, Joey Talbott, Jason Wennerholm, Eric Wennerholm, & Cameron Kellenberger

“World’s Best Prom (My Ride)”
Written by Genji Siraisi (GIOIOSO ASCAP) and Malik “Dionysos” Burke (Good Wrecker ASCAP)
Produced by Genji Siraisi, 2004

“Game on Lock”
Performed, written and produced by Devanté

Written and Performed by Saturday Music Group


Ben Adrian
Dori Sorensen
Tonya Witherspoon

Also Featuring

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Max Adrian
Sally Berman
Kalen Borgardt
Carol Barkow
Artisha Canada
Sherry Carrio
Emil Cikel
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Chanel & James R. Coates
Janeane & David Cummings
Daniel & Marie Elmer
David Erven
Zach Fishbain
Craig Haskins
Cecilia & Richard Heck
Courtney Hood
Patrick Huey & Dick Johnson
Jacob Jensens
Kai Jensens
Sandy Jerstad
Robert, Ryan & Mike Kelsey
John Klas
Griffin Klema
Rebecca Kostos
Deborah Kultgen
Theresa Makowka
Andy Mays
Jim Mueller
Carrie & Pamela A. Plale
Joseph E. Potenziani
Andrea Powe
Sally Richardson
Melanie Rigby
Debbie Sanders
Yory Sarr
Kim Simmons
Marc Smathers
Jon & Janet Sorensen
Deb Thogersen
Gracie Witherspoon
Randy & Luke Zich
Josh Ziegler