“'The World's Best Prom' is a sweet, fleeting reminder that not all teenagers are horrible, ungrateful bastards. [The film] taps into sentimental feelings with ease, and it's lovely portrait of rural community glamour, concluding with an bittersweet epilogue for each subject interviewed as they struggle with the realities of adulthood ... and recall fondly their time in the spotlight.”

Brian Orndorf, DVD Talk

“A terrific little independent documentary ... This is a fascinating American story and comes highly recommended.”

Max and Mike On the Movies

Featured on "At 10" — Arts Producer Bonnie North of WUWM interviews filmmaker Chris Talbott — Segment runs 28:00 to 46:00 (Download MP3) (Streaming)

“Excitement, disappointment, love, laughter, embarrassment and fun - it's all there on the big screen. And while its honesty may make you squirm a little at times, the film will bring a smile to your face more often than not.”

The Journal Times, 'World's Best Prom': Gritty and sweet (View PDF)

“It's an event that thousands of teenagers anticipate for years, a night complete with limos, tanks and maybe an elephant but definitely a red-carpet and live telecast. It's Racine post-prom party, and it's happening Saturday. This will be a special evening, too, for Chris Talbott, a 1989 graduate of Racine Park High School. He and two other former Racine residents - Ian Rosenberg and Ruben Carbajal - are in town promoting their new film 'The World's Best Prom,' a documentary that chronicles the stories of three Racine students through prom and the end of their high school careers.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Filmmaker captures students' big night

“And you thought YOU were obsessed with Prom!... Racine, Wisconsin celebrates Prom season with an 'extravagant celebration' that includes parades, a red carpet with paparazzi-style photographers, and live television coverage of the big event itself. A must-see!”

Featured in PromAdvice.com's "Pre-Prom Slumber Party Movies"

“[Racine, Wisconsin] throws a citywide prom bash each year that rivals the Academy Awards, Mardi Gras, and the MTV Video Music Awards. Combined.”

Yahoo! Picks

“That it is. Prom is the final parade of youth, and 'The World's Best Prom' captures all that is glorious and all that is idiotic about that parade. It's more fascinating than I ever thought prom could be.”

David Cornelius, eFilmCritic.com

Featured in DailyCandy “The Weekend Guide” (View)

Featured in COSMOGirl! (View)

“I was drawn straight into Tonya and the other prom-goers' lives. The film made them immediate and important to me and I found myself following the stories of typical American teens with which I could identify and care about--very different from the Hollywood-style kids in movies like She's All That and American Pie, whose characters (and actors) have little or no connection with the hopes and concerns of actual American teens, and whose versions of prom are equally removed from reality.

“More important, I found 'The World's Best Prom' an accurate depiction of prom, in its cultural meaning and its intensity, not just to Racine, but to the whole of mainstream America. It gets right to the heart of why prom matters for most Americans, and, through Racine's wonderful example, outlines and explains it for us all. The images and interviews are vivid and memorable, and the flashbacks to earlier Racine proms are a perfect touch because they not only show us what prom was like for our parents (and theirs), but how the whole event is grounded in tradition as well as in the hearts of the adult community.

“Basically, the movie says senior prom is not some silly teen thing, but an event of the deepest cultural significance, to teens, who are the actual attendees, to their parents and the community, who are participating in their kids' coming of age, and ultimately, to America in general. At a time when so much of our past is coming into question and traditions are slipping quietly out of view, this movie is here to tell us about a wonderful tradition that gets better and acquires more significance each year. In this, it is a caring movie, the first of its kind on prom. I believe it will remain one of the best.”

Richard Calo, Ph.D., author of American Prom: First Love & Coming of Age and creator of www.thepromsite.com

“It was the most amazing thing I've ever been a part of in my whole life. I think everyone should feel that way about prom.” (Ben Adrian)

The Journal Times, Racine is Ready for Its Closeup (View PDF)

“While it would have been easy to find in this Wisconsin town's tradition a festival of cheese, 'The World's Best Prom' draws us into the lives of its subjects and makes us care about them.”

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Prom captures their adolescent insight with wit and compassion. In cheddar's heartland, you might expect this full-on embrace of cheese, but you'll be surprised to find yourself cheering along.”

Entertainment Weekly

“I love 'The World's Best Prom'!”

Susan Sarandon

“Hilarious and poignant. Any town that would turn its prom into a televised red carpet event has either got something really right about it or something really wrong. The fact that I still can't decide made me love this film all the more. A smart and funny look at adolescence and its ultimate ritual.”

Bob Fisher, Screenwriter of WEDDING CRASHERS

“It's like your senior prom, plus the Super Bowl plus the Oscars all in one. Every town should have 'The World's Best Prom.' You will LOVE this movie. If you don't then you are lying.”


Featured in ABC News Now “The Mix” (View excerpts)

“Fun, touching and completely unforgettable – exactly what every prom should be!”

Joey Bartolomeo, US Weekly

“Heartfelt and funny...the only film I can think of that made me want to run out and rent a tuxedo."

Michael Lee, KUT-FM Austin, Texas

“The epicenter of prom genius.”


“Taking the prom a lot further than even John Hughes could have envisioned – a lot of fun and definitely worth checking out.”

Gigi Stone, ABC News Now

“The Wisconsin town of Racine has turned prom night into an annual town-wide celebration, where teens are treated like movie-stars.”

NPR's Day to Day (Listen)

“Sweet without being cloying, sentimental without being mawkish, and most importantly, funny without being condescending...after watching 'The World's Best Prom,' you'll wish you were eighteen and in Racine.”


“Fascinating...irresistible...will amuse and probably startle you.”


“One of those things you have to see to believe!”


Best Documentary – Wisconsin Film Festival [for short version of film]

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