The World's Best Prom is on iTunes

The World's Best Prom is now available at the iTunes Movie Store for rent ($0.99) or purchase ($9.99)


The World's Best Prom is available on the free SnagFilms iPad App

SnagFilms, which distributes ad-supported indie documentaries online, announced a new iPad application with more than 50 docs, many of them festival winners, including "Super Size Me," "Trembling Before G-d," "Heavy Metal in Baghdad," and "The World's Best Prom.


The World's Best Prom is on Current: Prom Mania Mania

Phil Stuart and the good folks at Current TV have made a special version of the film - view it online or on TV!


Racine asks, "A man as the prom queen?"

Journal Times: Uriel Gomez didn't set out to run for prom queen. He's a young man, and Park High School might not be ready for that.

A star football player in a skirt is one thing. An honor student and thespian in a tiara at prom is something entirely different.

Earlier this week, enough of Gomez's classmates nominated him to a short list of seniors who might get on the prom court. His name landed on the girls' side, which meant he could be voted prom queen.

School administrators were less than thrilled by the prospect and wouldn't let him proceed.

This is Racine, after all, subject of the documentary film "The World's Best Prom." The spring formal is serious business in this part of the globe.


Get in Gear for Prom

Just in time for Prom Season 2007, The World's Best Prom presents Prom-tacular Gear! Tees, baby and toddlerwear, hats buttons & more. If you've been to the Prom, seen the documentary, or just want to look Prom-tastic, check out this site for the complete Prom fashion experience.

From the University of Wisconsin-Madison "Today"

An in-depth article about the "Best Prom Ever"

Lou Smith Recalls Prom 1955

Lou Smith (Park High, 1955) attended the second Post Prom in 1955. His father Louis M Smith, chairperson of the first Post Prom, was very active in planning and working on the prom until he moved from Racine to Florida in 1959. He was a Rotarian for years and former President of the Racine Rotary.

Lou sent us photos from the front page of the Racine Journal of the first Prom and the script of an interview about the Post Prom his father did with Vyto Kapocious, a Park High classmate, on his "Teen Time" radio show every Saturday at 9:30am on WRAC. Some parents worried about the all-night event, and the interview was to let them know more about the Prom.

Lou writes, "My Dad had a clothing store on Main St for many years in Racine and I have many found memories of growing up there. I do not get back often but was there in 2005 for our 50th class reunion and will be back in 2010 for the 55th."

Students Go to Prom in Their Own Parade Float

Courtesy of Amanda Aude, Racine Prom-goer, check out this amazing story from Racine past about 12 students who built their own float for Prom ... and some of us thought choosing a corsage was a lot of work. Check out excerpts and pictures below.

From a tractor to an ice cream truck to a fire engine to an elephant, seniors here have rode into Racine's annual Rotary Post Prom party on just about everything. So how on Earth do you make your prom ride stand out? That was the question a group of 12 friends posed to each other and their parents about two months ago.

They wanted to ride in style, behind the wheels of an uncle's antique hot rods. But a few engine problems nixed that idea.

So with several sketches, a bit of lumber and paint, a borrowed flatbed and a lot of imagination, the group created their own ride: a parade float.

"It's awesome," said Holly Commodore, one of the 12 prom-goers who rode on the float. She thought she would be going to prom in an old, rusty clunker car. She never dreamed she would be riding in style on a spectacular float she and her friends helped create. All her other friends were jealous.

"I'm excited," said another of the prom group, Mindy Chambers, a few days before the senior dance. "Everyone else is going in a limo. We wanted something different."

"We started planning it a month and a half ago," said Brian Quinn, another member of the group, who all became good friends last summer on the school's Western Field Studies trip. "It took a couple of weekends. It looks really nice."

The weekend before prom, the group put the final touches on the float. They waited until nightfall to light the 1,500 twinkling lights by plugging in a generator that is fixed on the doolie truck.

On prom night, the group had a ball parading to Park High School and then Festival Hall on their unique creation.

Laurie said everything went perfect.

Read the full story | More pictures

Mayor Declares May 12 to May 14 as “The World’s Best Prom Weekend”

The text from the Official Proclamation from the Office of the Mayor:



WHEREAS: Since 1953 the Racine Rotary Club has hosted a city-wide prom celebration, and

WHEREAS: For the next 53 years this event has become a cherished tradition for our city; and

WHEREAS: The filmmakers Chris Talbott, Ari Vena, Ian Rosenberg, Hillevi Loven, Karen Sorensen, Ruben Carbajal and Mary Wigmore recognized the value of this fine city tradition, creating “The World’s Best Prom” to document and share this event with a larger audience; and

WHEREAS: The film “The World’s Best Prom” has achieved national distribution and accolades from the national media for Racine’s unique tradition.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GARY BECKER, Mayor of the City of Racine, do hereby proclaim Friday May 12th Sunday May 14th, 2006 as,


and proudly declare Racine as the Nation’s best prom city and I commend this observance to all citizens.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of Racine to be affixed.

Done at the City Hall

This 12th day of May, 2006

Gary Becker: Mayor

The Filmmakers Return to Racine: Barnes & Noble Prom and Racine/Kenosha Premiere

The OVO filmmakers celebrate Prom in Racine and thank everyone who has supported the film.

Barnes & Noble celebrates the film that showed the world what is the prom capital of the world. Filmmakers Chris Talbott, Ian Rosenberg, and Ruben Carbajal join Prom-themed B&N folks to host a sneak-preview of the film, Q&A, and DVD signing. View Article (PDF)

The film holds its Racine/Kenosha Premiere over two nights as part of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Foreign Film Series.

Wednesday with April Smith's “High School Memory”

Photo Courtesy April Smith

What happens when you combine a mistimed rendezvous in the Lower East Side and an empty glass of whisky? A chance meeting with talented and soulful New Jersey singer/songwriter April Smith, who makes us all want to put on our tux and find a date for a dance. She describes her music as "Freddie Mercury's dramatic presence, Jeff Buckley's sentiment and sweetness, Ann Wilson's range and power, Tom Wait's sarcasm, Elvis' lip thing, and Pat Benetar's ass ... or vocally-driven-cinematic-rock for short." We'd agree.

April Smith and the Great Picture Show rocked the house &mdash with kind words for the film and a terrific performance of High School Memory, we're anxiously awaiting her return to New York City in July at the Pussycat Lounge.

Take a moment to listen to April Smith's High School Memory ... Watch the video with footage from Racine Prom past and present.

Prom — In Electrifying 80s Fashion

Courtesy of our friends at The Fall Collection, THE WORLD'S BEST PROM danced the night away at a retro evening of 80s Prom with Duckie and Andie, Crockett (but no Tubbs), cheerleaders, puffy dresses, and a tribute to A Flock of Seagulls. DJs Lord Easy and DDRE J spun great beats all night long.

Check out the Prom Confessions and the fab 80s pictures!

Sweet Prom 2006: You Can't Stop Prom — You Can Only Hope to Contain It

Photos Courtesy Brandy Barber

Local comedians Seth Herzog (VH-1's Love Monkey, Stella, Prime) and David Wain (Wet Hot American Summer, Stella) host an evening of Prom-themed comedy. Anne Carr, Todd Shillue, and Comedy Central wunderkind Todd Barry join in on the fun. What else could we ask for? How about a Seth Herzog Prom Date Competition starring OVO's own Mary Wigmore and Karen Sorensen.

Mmmmm ... pictures here (courtesy Brandy Barber), here, and here. Additional photos by Anya Garrett. Sweet Prom recaps at TWO CAN ANNE, hatefully charming, and SARA IS LOCO.

You're Not My Friend-ster – Prom is on MySpace

Friendster, our loyal online entity, has betrayed us and closed our account because we linked to MySpace. Tsk-Tsk, Friendster, that's not very nice. So, instead, join us on MySpace. If you have a MySpace profile, be our friend!


The DVD Edition is available on our site. Thanks to everyone who's already made a purchase or has supported the film. The DVD Edition is new, improved and filled with even more prom. If you were one of the lucky few to catch an advance screening last year, there is more to see! The filmmakers have re-cut the film after unearthing a treasure trove of archival footage. Don't miss it. The DVD also includes historical footage from 1951 and 1953 as well as interviews with celebrities who share their funny, sad and always memorable prom stories.

UW-Madison Screening

THE WORLD'S BEST PROM screens at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Austin Screening

The film screens in Austin, the "Live Music Capital of the World," a fitting place for THE WORLD'S BEST PROM. The film screens at the Alamo Drafthouse (409 Colorado St.) with the Alamo's Austin's Best Prom Party held afterwards at the Austin Elks Lodge (700 Dawson Rd.). Check out the fancy pictures from the fabulous event. Thanks to everyone who dressed up with Prom on their minds.

New York City Screening

THE WORLD'S BEST PROM screens at Makor (35 West 67th St.).

New York City Screening

THE WORLD'S BEST PROM screens at the Pioneer Theater (155 East 3rd Street). Check out the pictures from the event. Thanks to everyone who dressed up with Prom on their minds.